Basics of Personal Injury Protection Coverage

The car insurance market these days is very diverse, and getting confused when looking for a policy that suits your needs is something which happens quite often, and we understand you. That is why it is of utmost importance to look for proper information, so that you are enabled to make a rational choice. For example, you may be wondering if there is a type of coverage out there which can cover you and/or your passengers’ medical expenses in case of an accident, regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident in the first place. Indeed, there is such a type of auto insurance, and it is called Personal Injury Protection, or PIP. ¬†You should get a free car insurance quote for PIP on our website.

personal-injury-protectionBesides medical expenses, personal injury protection can also cover lost wages, expenses for childcare or household services while you or the injured party are recovering. In worst case scenarios, it will also cover funeral expenses. Even if you have coverage for most of your medical expenses through your health insurance policy, however, PIP can offer important additional coverage. There might be cases when your injuries are not covered by your medical plan, so it is preferable to have personal injury protection. You should evaluate your medical coverage before deciding if you should purchase PIP, and if so, how much coverage you need.

If you live in a state where personal injury protection is required by law, but you have sufficient medical coverage, you might want to consider purchasing only the minimum PIP coverage required by your state. If you have no health insurance or limited coverage, you might as well get the most out of a PIP coverage. This will offer much needed help if you and/or your passengers are injured in a car accident.

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