Best Time To Buy Car Insurance

Find out why the best time to buy car insurance is now and check our website for more info and free online auto insurance quotes.

auto-insurance-rateThe best time to shop for insurance actually depends on your current policy and the reason you would like to switch your insurance provider.  The date your policy is scheduled to renew is the provided by the company. Renewal papers are received in the mail around 30 to 45 days in advance of your renewal date.

Let us assume that the policy will expire soon and you just received the renewal documents. If you see a huge difference in your insurance rates, this may a good time to insurance through a company or at least call your agent. Begin shopping for insurance once you review your renewal paperwork. You will have the most recent copy of your declarations page. Clean break from your current insurance company by switching at the renewal will make avoid costly insurance gaps. Your declarations page provides proof of prior insurance which is required to get a preferred insurance rate and will allow an accurate comparison between your current coverage and quotes you receive.

The sooner you get insured, the sooner you start building an insurance history — and the longer your insurance history, the less you generally pay for coverage (assuming you have a clean driving record). So the longer you maintain an auto policy with no lapses in coverage, the more likely you are to see your auto insurance rates go down.

Plus, if you just bought or registered a car, securing a car insurance policy within your state’s required timeframe can help prevent unnecessary fines and fees. This is why you should buy car insurance right now.  Do not waste time and shop online for car insurance!

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