Can A Not-at-Fault Accident Still Raise Your Premiums?

Many states have laws that protect you from rate increases for accidents in which you were not at fault. Unfortunately, even if you were involved in an accident where the other driver was responsible, your premiums may still go up. Find out why a not-at-fault accident will rise your premiums and get automobile insurance quotes from our website.

# money-carMany drivers who cause accidents expect to see an increase in their auto insurance premiums. But even those who are deemed not culpable could end up paying more for coverage, a report from a consumer group finds. The Consumer Federation of America sought online price quotes from five of the largest auto insurers in 10 cities to see what happens to premiums after drivers are in accidents. The study found that based on the quotes, drivers in New York City and Baltimore tend to pay the most after being involved in accidents that they did not cause.

The new study said that the average annual premium increase quoted drivers with a not-at-fault accident on their records ranged from $60 in Atlanta to more than $400 in Queens. Two cities — Los Angeles and Oklahoma City — showed no increase because state laws in California and Oklahoma prohibit surcharges on drivers who are involved in accidents through no fault of their own, the consumer group said.

Geico and Farmers sometimes raised quoted rates by 10 percent or more, while Allstate “occasionally” penalized drivers, the report found. State Farm was the only insurer tested that never increased quoted rates for drivers who had not-at-fault accidents.

The reason for the increase is that you may be considered more prone to accidents compared with drivers who have had no collisions. This is especially true if you have had more than one collision, even if none of them were your fault.

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