Common Winter Driving Hazards

Winter is a really treacherous seasons for drivers. Ice alone can cause a lot of problems, but combine it with a blanket of snow and hidden dangers and you will get a recipe for disaster. Check the most common winter driving hazards and try to avoid them.  Also, if your car is damaged, having the right coverage will help you financially recover. Get a car insurance quote from our website and compare price. But first, check the list with hazards:

  1. winter-weather.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x725Potholes, which often are hidden by snow, can cause damage to your car’s suspension, steering and tires. Collision insurance covers damages from a vehicle’s impact with an object, like a pothole, or from flipping over.
  2. Sliding and hitting parked cars. Losing control on an icy road can lead to many unfortunate events, including collisions with parked vehicles. Collision coverage would pay for damages to your car, while your liability car insurance would pay for any damages to the other cars. You should announce the owners of parked cars about the event, otherwise you will find yourself flooded with calls for trial. If you are the victim of an hit-and-run accident, your collision coverage or Uninsured Motorist coverage will pay for repairs.
  3. Your car is towed by authorities, after a blizzard. If your car is towed by authorities trying to clean the roads, then you should address the authorities and they will tell you if you have to pay the costs of towing.
  4. Your car needs towing. If your car’s engine breaks or there are other similar events, you should get immediate help. Contact your insurer if you have purchased roadside assistance and they will send a team. Otherwise, you will have to call 911 and ask authorities to intervene and tow your car to a safe spot.

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