Penalties For Driving WIthout Insurance

Almost all states across U.S. require drivers to carry at least a minimum of liability car insurance. Only New Hampshire or Virginia do not follow the rules.  Every state regulates its minimum coverage amount and the way it handles uninsured drivers. Failing to provide proof of insurance when asked will result in fines and a series of different other penalties. Check our blog to find out the most common penalties for driving without insurance. If you find your current coverage plan too expensive, the smart thing to do is to look for better prices, by comparing the existing offers. Always use an online auto insurance quote before making any sudden decision.

Girl-Driving-without-liscence1The first penalty for being uninsured is a hefty fine. The value of the fine differs from state to state, and can get as high as several thousands of dollars. You certainly do not want that to happen, considering that you didn’t have the money to buy car insurance in the first place.  The fines increase in value with subsequent convictions.

Having your driver’s license suspended is another very possible penalty. All states want to keep uninsured drivers off-road. In some states, the suspension time is fixed, while others cancel your suspension once the driver files an SR-22 or shows proof of insurance.  Furthermore, the authorities may decide to impound your vehicle.  You will also lose vehicle registration. They will be both restored when you show proof of insurance.

If you live in Michigan or other states where driving without insurance is considered a misdemeanor, you can also expect being sentenced to jail. This is why you should always pay attention to your state’s traffic and insurance laws. And in the end, driving without insurance will make you a high-risk driver and you will pay more on auto insurance, when you finally buy it.

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