Policy Add-Ons You Should Consider Buying

Check what policy add-one you should consider buying and visit our website for car insurance quotes online free.  Get the following:

  1. auto-insurance-rateAccident forgiveness. This add-on allows you to keep the premiums at the same level if you commit an accident.  The extra service will help you only with the first accident.  Some companies offer this service for free, while others require an extra fee. In order to qualify for accident forgiveness, you must meet certain requirements, regarding a no-claim history and clean driving records.
  2. Roadside assistance. It covers mobile repairs and towing services, needed when your car breaks down while on the streets.  If the car cannot be repaired on-side, it will be towed to a safe place then the repair procedures will start.  This add-on is usually very affordable and if you like to travel often, it is well worth the money.
  3. Vanishing deductible.  Vanishing deductible reduces the value of your deductible by a certain amount (usually $50-$100) at the beginning of the policy and then the same amount annually until it reaches zero. This feature is offered to claim-free customers. It is a really nice and cost-effective extra service and more and more companies offer this add-on.
  4. Gap insurance. This optional coverage pays the difference between what you still owe on your car and its actual cash value. Keep in mind that gap coverage is generally only available if you have collision and comprehensive coverage, and if the car is financed or leased.  Car insurance companies determine your car’s worth at the time of the accident, not at the time you bought it. So if your vehicle is leased or financed at the time of the accident, there’s a chance you’ll owe more than what your insurer will pay you. This leaves you in debt, scrambling to come up with the rest of your loan. On average, this extra protection will only add $20 to your annual premium and therefore should be a priority.

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