Pro And Cons Of Liability Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required by law for all drivers in the United States, and while there may be certain variations from state to state, liability coverage is required in every state while comprehensive coverage is not a requirement. The amount needed for coverage may differ from one state to another. It is always a smart decision to have enough insurance coverage in order to protect your finances in case of accident. You should always get a car insurance quote before purchasing this policy. Find out the pros and cons of liability auto insurance.


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    Provides good coverage in less money – If you want to save your money then make a list of possible coverage that you want to be included in your liability insurance and strike out all that stuff, which you don’t need.


  1. Insurance company provides a lawyer – Drivers who do not have auto liability insurance could be easily taken to court, if they incur any damage. However, if you have auto liability insurance, then your auto insurance company is responsible to provide you a lawyer. The lawyer provided will defend you in case the injured person sues you.


  1. Coverage for car – If you have collision coverage, the insurance company will pay for the damage happened to your car in case it collides with another object like building, tree or vehicle. If you have comprehensive coverage, the insurance company will provide coverage in case of theft, glass breakage, fire, damaged caused by animal/bird and any related losses to your vehicle.




  1. It pays only for the damage you inflict. Liability auto insurance will only cover damage that is caused by you in a collision, and it will only cover damage which is inflicted on other people and their property. It will not cover any damage that is caused to your own property if the accident is your fault.


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