Pros and Cons Of Online Car Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance is a legal obligation for any car owner. If you want just to be eligible, you must purchase the minimum liability coverage.  Below, we offer you a list with the pros and cons of online car insurance quotes. Do not forget to obtain a free car insurance quote for a cheap auto insurance company.


  • # auto-insurance-discountsOnline quotes are very fast to obtain. It only takes a few seconds until prices are displayed, assuming that you try a reliable website and you have a good internet connection. This is the fastest way to obtain quotes.  Why waste countless hours, when everything can be done in several minutes?
  • Quotes are based on the same questions you would be asked on a face-to-face negotiation. The same info you would have to tell to any insurance representative is asked by online form for quotes.  This is the best way to get ready for the real negotiations.
  • Online quotes allow you to reach multiple insurance providers. There are more than just the 3-4 insurers everybody knows. Quotes make you see the whole picture and acknowledge the multitude of available auto insurance providers.


  • Although they can be accurate, they do not provide the final price. Online quotes just estimate the average premium cost, based on the info you input about you and the car you want to insure.  Also, each company can add or subtract questions during negotiations, modifying the final value of premiums.
  • Some of the forms neglect several important aspects that may lower the costs. For example, you can easily get lower rates if you mention that you have graduated defensive driving courses. Not all forms include this option. Also, having extra safety devices installed will make the policy cheaper. Again, not all forms include this option. So, the quotes might be missing some discounts.

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