Who Pays The Highest Car Insurance Premiums In The Country?

The state where you live has a huge effect on your car insurance rates. It influences the premiums so much so that the average annual premium in Michigan is more than five times the average in North Carolina. Find out who pays the highest car insurance premiums in the country and compare car insurance quotes from our website.

# auto-insurance-discountsMichigan is extremely generous to car crash victims. If you’re hurt badly in an accident, Michigan’s no-fault policy requires insurance companies to pay for all the medical care you need, in addition to reimbursing you for up to 85 percent of your lost wages for up to three years. As a result, personal injury protection (PIP) fraud is rampant.  Other factors make Michigan’s car insurance expensive too, such as the high frequency of car thefts in Detroit and the use of credit scores to determine auto insurance rates.

The average customer pays $2,495 for Florida car insurance. Compared to Michigan, Florida has lower limits on insurance payouts, but PIP fraud still drives up car insurance rates in Florida. Gov. Rick Scott put an annual price tag of $1 billion on PIP fraud in Florida.

In New Jersey, the average insurance premium is $2,727 — less than half of Michigan’s. Nevertheless, NJ auto insurance rates aren’t cheap. It’s an urban state, and the proximity to New York City drives up rates. Also, residents tend to opt for higher coverage levels.

The average user pays $2,703 for Connecticut car insurance. Again, Connecticut’s proximity to New York City and relative wealth drive up insurance rates.

New York car insurance costs $2,715, on average — just a little more than Connecticut’s. Even if you live in a more rural area, about 88 percent of New York state residents are urban,  hence higher car insurance rates.

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